About me

About me!

***If you have been reading this blog and think you know me in real life, PLEASE READ THIS before you decide to contact me or tell me about things. It is important.***

Hi everyone. It’s me, Alana. And I just may possibly be  am probably autistic. (It was mostly confirmed through a rather confusing process because of finances and all). But I’m pretty sure I’m autisticSo that’s AWESOME! (For reals. No sarcasm. It explains so much.) I mention that because a lot of this blog is about exploring that and figuring out how things work and understanding my life so much better now that I have an explanation and confirmation that yes, my mind actually does work differently.

I’m also a graduate student getting my Ph.D in a biology-related field. SCIENCE SCIENCE SCIENCE I have a tendency to discuss the weather in far greater detail (although not at all obscure detail) than most people prefer. I’m also overly fond of footnotes, parentheses, ellipses and exclamation marks. Sometimes I will even throw some extra interro-bangs out there. (But they definitely aren’t my favorite. I’m torn between ellipses and parentheses, although I try to contain the ellipses when I proofread things, so it isn’t nearly as bad as my e-mails, so you will probably think I am actually biased towards parentheses when that may not be the case…)

And speaking of e-mails, I now have a CONTACT E-MAIL made just for this blog! You can e-mail me at sleepwakehopeandthenblog @ gmail.com! (Although it would probably be quicker to just drop a comment somewhere. I tend to read those quicker.) BUT I ALSO SET UP EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS ON MY IPAD SO NOW ACTUALLY EITHER WILL WORK!

Anyway, this blog is the story of my adventures with science and learning about autism and figuring out how that makes me me. And also about my life and anything else I want to put up here, so sometimes recipes and sometimes pictures of cute animals (although I mostly use tumblr for cute animals). There are ramblings and leaps of logic and tangential forays and footnotes as long as a post and other such things.

So basically, fun stuff happens here. And serious stuff. And thoughtful stuff. And sometimes sad or depressing stuff, but not too much.

Stick around and you shall see.