Faceblindness and school

Biology graduate students make me happy.

We all share at least some of the same narrow interests!

We are the nerdy degree at a nerdy institution, somehow. Apparently. (Or so said one of the other students in the orientation when we were supposed to be in

Everyone knows what faceblindness is! (or prosoponagia except that is a large tricky complicated word so I don’t know if they actually knew the word, but they knew the idea!)

 I usually if I meet people that I will know regularly will tell them a couple quick things so they don’t feel bad when I don’t recognize them. (I don’t recognize boyfriend when he gets a haircut, as in every haircut he gets, as in the monthly haircuts he gets that reduce his overall hair-length by some fraction of an inch, once I saw Medium Sister at a dance and insisted it wasn’t her because I should know what my own sister looked like).

And one of them said, “that’s a thing.”

And they all seemed to agree and know about it.

And were pretty good about reintroducing themselves each day when they wore new clothes.

And also, they all look pretty different, which is a lovely thing about having a more diverse program than in undergrad. (Which admittedly, isn’t too difficult.) Because it makes it easier to identify them, already.

So hopefully that’s a good sign.


3 thoughts on “Faceblindness and school

  1. Yay! So much yay! I also have difficulty with boyfriend and family recognition. It is frustrating. But when people are understanding and helpful…yay!

    (Sorry about duplicate comment, having trouble with multiple logins on google.)


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